The drafting of your will or trust instruments is not just filling out a form, sending it to an attorney and allowing the attorney to ‘plug and play’.  Getting your affairs in order can be much deeper than that and you will want to ensure that the attorney you choose is going to be a partner in the process with you. Your attorney will be conveying your wishes for your wishes as it relates to your family structure, business, real property, assets, accounts, and insurance.

When choosing your estate planning attorney look for the following characteristics:


Ensure that the attorney drafting your will or trust is knowledgeable. Remember, attorneys often times specialize in particular areas of law. Although it is possible that your traffic attorney has knowledge in the areas of wills and trusts, you should ask and not just assume that they have the knowledge or the time to acquire the knowledge to draft your will or trust.


With so many aspects of your life included in your will or trust instrument, you will want to ensure that your attorney is willing and able to explain each step of the process to you. 


There will likely be areas of your life where you have not made all of the necessary decisions.  Although you will ultimately need to make the decisions, you will want an attorney will ask you the right questions to help you think through and evaluate the intricacies of your decisions.