Legal Services

How We Can Help You

If you need legal help in Kansas, you’ll want an attorney who is committed to advocating for your needs.

We specialize in the following areas:

Entity Services

We help businesses and organizations including for-profit business entities, non-profits, faith-based, and educational institutions that are eager to establish, develop and grow.

Family Legacy

For those who wish to leave a flourishing legacy for their family, we can help you with estate planning, establishing wills and trusts, adoption, divorce, and more.

Individual Restoration

We have the skills to assist you in restoring your civil, constitutional, and human rights. We have significant experience in personal injury law and criminal defense.

We’re Especially Passionate About These Practice Areas

As professionals equipped to handle a wide range of legal services in Wichita, we are also passionate about these specific practice areas. 

Estates,Wills, And Trusts

At Gilchrist & Fields, our probate and estate planning lawyers in Wichita have experience in handling various types of estates. We help you plan for the future through Wills and Trusts or establishing a plan for succession in the event of death or incapacitation.

Church In-House Counsel

Gilchrist & Fields is equipped to assist your church with risk management services, church governance, and employment law matters. We also offer legal assistance to ensure that your church is structured in such a way that it is most beneficial to the organization.

Professional Liability

Gilchrist & Fields’ values attorneys who work with integrity. As a result, we offer services for these attorneys who seek advice for ethical compliance or seek to confirm their adherence to the ethical rules of conduct.