Thank you for visiting the website of Fields Law, a firm created to assist businesses, families, and individuals to establish and grow a lasting legacy.

Who We Are

Fields is the small virtual firm of Jasmine Fields, serving all Kansans and working in some federal practice areas. Future offices of Fields Law will be established based on the military assignments of U.S. Sailor Moses Fields, Jasmine Fields’s husband.

What We Do

Fields focuses on helping businesses and organizations including for-profit business entities, non-profits, and faith-based that are eager to establish, protect, develop and grow. We also help families who are trying to form or restructure their make-up. In addition, we assist families that are trying to protect assets and create generational wealth. Finally, we offer services to individuals who need legal representation to be made whole from harm and to overcome previous bad decisions to make amends for a new path.

How We Got Started

Loved former colleague, Kimberlyn Gilchrist and Jasmine Fields met in 2017 and over the past several years have developed a bond because of their shared values of faith, family, education, and excellence. After working together, both professionally and as volunteers teaching mock trials at a local private school, Kimberlyn and Jasmine decided that starting a practice together would allow them the opportunity to serve their community and individuals that have approached them for assistance and legal services over the years. Unfortunately, due to sudden military service change for the Fields family, Jasmine had to move to Virginia. At the same time, the nation was hit with what became a global pandemic and out of these two unforeseen circumstances Fields Law Office the virtual firm was birthed.

Our Practice Areas

Fields Law has three divisions of legal services, specifically: 1) Entity Services; 2) Family Legacy, and 3) Individual Restoration.

Entity Services

Attorney Jasmine Fields, provides business Entity Services with an emphasis on formation, trademarks, policies, procedures, and training. She is equipped to represent both for-profit businesses and nonprofit businesses. Further, Jasmine Fields is blessed and always excited to serve as in-house counsel for churches.

Family Legacy

In addition to business entity related legal services, Jasmine Fields offers Family Legacy services. Family Legacy services include estate planning, such as drafting Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Directives, and Powers of Attorney for Kansans. They also offer family law legal services to assist with adoptions, and surrogacy. Also catering to your family legacy, Jasmine Fields has a passion for nursing mother’s rights, service animal law, and military law.

Individual Restoration

Lastly, we provide Individual Restoration legal services. Jasmine Fields’ is eager to assist the individual with their criminal law, expungement, and wrongful conviction. She also offers debt and credit repair assistance, and also has a heart for, and significant experience in, representing injured victims after being involved in a car wreck, hurt by the negligence of another, or injured by a vicious dog or animal.

We Look Forward To Helping You With Your Legal Needs

Fields Law Office has a vast background and is confident that with their legal training they can assist your organization, family, and you personally to help you reach your goals and aspirations. Contact them and allow them to partner with you.