Have you ever wondered whether you could get it all together?  Or maybe even more common, ever thought to yourself that you could never fix, start, or build everything by yourself.  You are not alone. 

This is one of the reasons Fields Law opened its doors on November 18, 2020.  Unique to Fields Law is our wholistic approach to the practice of law. 

Fields Law is a general practice with three categories of services.  Our goal is to assist you in any stage of your life.

Individual Restoration

Fields Law will help you with healing from damage, hurt or a troubled pass.  Have you made mistakes with money and have creditors seeking payment from you? Fields Law will call your creditor and attempt to negotiate settlements and payment plans.

We also have years of personal injury experience, if you have been injured in a car collision, dog bite, or fall, Fields Law can assist you in being made whole. 

Finally, there have been millions of people incarcerated both children and adults.  Criminal defense is the best way to assist you in paying your debt to society and moving forward with your life. Fields Law wants to help, both juveniles and adults, with your defense. However, Fields Law doesn’t just leave you at the disposition of your case. We will talk about whether expungements are an option for you. 

Maybe you are wrongfully convicted, Fields Law may be able to help you prove your innocence and then handle your civil suit.

After we have focused on getting you restored, it is time to look at your Family Legacy.

Family Legacy

Fields Law can help you first with the building your family the way you desire to see it.  Are you being denied rights to your children, Fields Law can assist you with getting visitation.  We also assist grandparents in establishing their grandparents’ rights in child in need of care matters.  Finally, maybe you desire to build your family through adoption, Fields Law can assist you.  

The next part of your family legacy should include estate planning. Fields Law believes every member of your family should engage in estate planning.  Tomorrow is not promised and you do not want to leave your family members with the headache of dealing with the government or potentially create division within the family while trying to handle your settle your debts and distribute your property and possessions. Fields Law will provide you with a free consultation to determine what types of estate planning documents you may need.  Some examples may be a will, power of attorney, healthcare directive, joint revocable trust, pour over will, minor irrevocable trust, and more.

Once you have taken care of the necessities of the family, Fields Law wants to help you with Entity Services to build a last legacy and have a positive impact on the community. 

Entity Services

Fields Law will help you form a for profit, religious, educational or not for profit business by identifying the type of entity you should set up and then help you file the necessary documents with the federal, state and local governments.  Our team will help you grow by assisting with contract drafting, review, and enforcement.

Fields Law wants to help you at every stage of your life.  We believe there is a stark advantage to having one firm assisting you.  We aim to have a personal relationship with each of our clients allowing us to intuitively understand your legal needs.