Sometimes things do not go as planned. We plan for life to go a certain way…

We get married and planned to have kids the natural way.

We go to school with a particular career in mind and that career turns out to not be exactly what you expected.  

We start a business with the perfect business partner and then unexpectantly have to move.

We save and spend strategically so that we can retire, until illness strikes us prematurely.

Gilchrist and Fields Attorneys Wichita KS

Right now in our nation, we are dealing with a lot of uncertainty.  But at Fields Law, we still believe you are supposed to plan.  You are supposed to put a strategy together and move forward with your plan to reach your dreams.  Life will happen whether you plan or not, so why not give it a bit of direction.  The lawyers at Fields Law are here to help you navigate the twists and turns of life. 

As I type this, I recognize that our country is in times that we have never seen before.  Our communities are doing the best that they can to plan for the worst while hoping for the best.  We are stocking up and socially isolating as a precaution.  Thousands are surviving and we pray you survive too.  But our question for you is what do you have to live for.  What will your life look like on the other side of this state of emergency?

According to, 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  Worse Yahoo Finance reports that 64% of Americans are expected to retire with less than $10,000.00 in retirement savings accounts.  Investopedia says that there are three ways to build wealth spend less than you make, avoid debt and invest your savings wisely.  They go on to say that the first is much easier when you enjoy the work that you are doing. 

Do you know what you enjoy doing everyday even if you weren’t getting paid to do it?  What would you do if you have a fresh $100,000.00 each day?

Why not start your business doing just that?  Dream a little.  If you are socially isolating or off from work due to closure, now is the perfect time to start thinking through that business plan and putting pen to paper.

Jasmine Fields understands business. They know what it is like to take a risk and bet on yourself.  We also have the legal knowledge and personal experience in drafting business plans, executing necessary filings, and opening a successful business.  Believe it or not starting a business may not be as difficult as it may seem especially when you enlist the support trained professionals who are excited to help you live your dreams.