Protecting Your Business, Family Legacy, and Individual Rights

Fields Law is more than just legal professionals, it’s a partner in your future. Our virtual Kansas law firm provides legal representation to entities, families, and individuals.

Practice Areas

Entity Services

Fields Law helps businesses and organizations, including for-profit business entities, non-profits organizations, and faith-based institutions, that are eager to establish, develop and grow.

Family Legacy

For those who wish to leave a flourishing legacy for their family, Fields Law can help you with estate planning, establishing wills and trusts, and setting up your power of attorney.

Individual Restoration

Fields Law has the skills to assist you in restoring your civil rights, constitutional rights, and human rights with years of experience in personal injury law and appellate cases.

Meet Your Attorney

I’m Jasmine Fields, the founder and attorney of Fields Law. I’m passionate about empowering others to live a better today than their yesterday through education, legal counsel, and accountability.

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Preparing for a Disability

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